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Round two is upon us and the finalists will be announced shortly, but first I wanted to introduce my lovely guest judges. 1.  Up first is the fantastic Shelly Ferguson.  She is a wonderful person who can photograph a newborn baby like it’s nobody’s business.  Each time she posts an image, it makes me pause, […]

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  • Stacey S


  • Mike Woolsey

    you rock Mason!

  • Shannon

    My two fave girls! xxoo

  • Tammy

    I love how simple the pose captured this little guys shyness. :) very nice done.

  • claudettecotnam

    excellent work

  • Tanya

    Great photos

  • Carolyn

    I love this one!

  • Alyson Lemire

    Is this how I vote?? I vote for darling Myles:-)

  • Ron

    Amazing image

  • Beth

    You captured a very special moment!

  • Matt Thiercy

    Loving this shot! So gorgeous.

  • Ann

    Simple pose, yet powerful. Love his little smile!

  • Great Grandma

    a sweetheart for sure

  • debbie willoughby

    I think the 2 little girls are the bench are just so Beautiful, they have my vote 100 percent
    you both look amazing carleigh and caitlyn

  • Lynne Dietrich

    they are all great portraits but this one is unique

  • Kim kernohan

    Mr Myles is soooo cute

  • Danielle Carroll

    Devilish smile makes every picture better! Good Luck you guys!!!

  • Proud great-grandmother

    beautiful & precious

  • Stacey


  • Bette Pauk

    Myles is a winner

  • Liz Cassar

    Such a little cutey!

  • Ralph Stevens

    I love that Myles

  • Kim

    this is a really nice picture

  • ginette avolio

    Myles is the cutest little boy, just look at those eyes.

  • Stacey


  • Debbie


  • Aja

    Best photo of Lucy’s birth!

  • Laura

    Barg family

  • Stacey

    Fun pic

  • Carrie Spicer


  • Debbie Roy

    very beautiful

  • L.M. Charette


  • Erin


  • danielle

    keep smiling girlies

  • Diane Stevens

    Myles for sure. Perfect photo! I adore that child. Love from his Meme.

If you know me at all, you know I love weddings that are personal and filled with love and story. I was completely looking forward to this wedding.  You see, Jeanette is the last of her sisters to get married on the family farm and I was lucky enough to photograph her sister Candice’s wedding […]

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  • What an awesome wedding! Love all the details!

  • Well done. I really like the creative use of the old buildings and equipment into the images.

  • What a great wedding!

  • Melissa

    Beautiful photos Kerri! What an amazing place to have a wedding! I always love your commentary. Congrats to the newly weds!!

  • Beautiful portraits! I just love that brides wedding dress and her whole look. GORGEOUS :)

  • Beautiful!

  • So beautiful. Great job!

  • Such a lovely wedding! That jumping photo is pretty epic ;)

  There are 16 entries in the running to become IBK’s 2013 Pic of the year!  The images were selected by the clients themselves for your consideration as a finalist. ROUND ONE – begins now and will end on 01.26.14 at 12:00 am EST Place your vote (s) before 01.26.14 at 12 midnight Want a […]

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  • kennedy

    beautiful work Kerri

  • Lynne Dietrich

    Great pics

  • So exciting!

  • Denise Haldane

    Seriously, look at that face!!! :)

  • Erin Avery

    Beautiful picture of Myles! Captures the beauty of a child with his mom!

  • natasha

    What a gorgeus shot!

  • rich g

    Great Photos

  • All your pictures are beautiful. But, this one makes me smile :)

  • Megan

    Amazing photos Kerri!!

  • […] So this is where I ask for you to pretty pretty please take a minute and go vote for us It’s quick and simple! You can vote every day and win my undying love and loyalty! Just go here, Images by Kerri Photo Contest […]

  • Dawn Beckford


  • kim Kernohan

    My vote is for the cutest little boy…..Myles Snedden!!!

  • Suzanne

    That lil guy is delicious. Awesome job Kerri!!

  • sherry mcpaul

    beautiful pic

  • Tamra

    Such an amazing moment in life!
    Love the fathers expression! Pure happiness :)

  • mark cleary

    great pic

  • Stacey Sanderson






  • Lynda


  • Kim

    Love this wee one :) so beautiful!

  • Amanda Westwood

    Beautiful girls

  • Lisa Baptista


  • Dorothy


  • Lila Charette

    Beautiful pictures

  • Debbie Broome

    Beautiful work!


    beautiful baby!

  • Lisa Cornish

    Beautiful pics!

  • Diane

    Nice work!

  • Rebecca M

    Amazing :)

  • Mary

    Great phot Kerri

  • Carolyn Terrion

    What a beautiful baby girl.

  • Julie Fletcher

    Addy is a beautiful little girl! You take amazing pictures of her!

  • Claudette Cotnam

    Looking so cute Mason

  • Ashleigh Iles


  • Ron Sheyan

    You’ve captured an amazing moment!!!

  • Sarah Halls

    Beautiful !





  • Carol Hadwen

    I vote for #7. Beautiful Bride.

  • Michelle

    The most beautiful moment in life ( child birth), you captured it perfectly!

  • Emily Lowns


  • Annie INgram


  • Peter


  • Nicole


  • Rose Barg

    love the upside down guy!

  • Carole


  • Larissa

    True Love.

  • Stacey Sandersn


  • Grace

    I love the shadow image of the heart. And the sweet girlies who were hiding in there certainly have that love in spades.

  • Melanie

    Great Pics as usual Kerri. Good luck to all the entries.

  • Kelly Stuckless

    A lot of love in that belly!

  • Mark Bray

    Myles all the way buddy… Too cute… Awesome picture :)

  • Ruben Charette

    Pretty girl

  • Terry Kivela

    Good thing I checked Facebook! Would of hated to miss out on voting for Myles!

  • Marjorie

    Beautiful Pics!

  • Lisa

    Good luck Myles !!

  • Melissa T

    Go Amanda! So gorgeous

  • Tracy

    Beautiful pictures

  • Peter


  • laura

    Beautiful Shots!

  • Michael

    excellent ideas