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Durham Region Engagement Photographer – Kim & Jay

Whenever I go to a meeting with potential clients, I am always nervous.  I change a few times, freshen up my make-up and try and look as presentable as possible (haha).  After all, you can never get back a first impression.  Am I right???  I assume it’s sort of like a blind/first date (assuming here because I married my highschool sweetheart, never did the blind date thing)??  Are they going to like me, are we going to be a right fit??  etc. etc.

Well it was no different when I met up with Kim and Jay one evening at their home.  Which was pretty fun as my drive there was about 2 minutes, we live in the same neighbourhood!!!  I was greeted with big smiles and a warm welcome.   It was wonderful.  Lot’s of questions, lot’s of laughs.  Putting them at ease and feeling at ease myself.  Afterall, your wedding photographer is a HUGE part of your day and you want to make certain that you like them and that you get a long  (yes, couples to be reading this, please please please meet up with any wedding vendors you’re interested in hiring for your wedding).

We met up two weeks ago at a local orchard for their engagement portraits.  These two…smitten I tell yeah!   Flirting and giggling and big belly laughing, it was awesome.  They are the perfect couple, because like many, they were pretty nervous about having their pictures taken.  Of course, I assured them not to worry, but that is asking lot of someone you hardly know.  Within a few minutes, the nerves subsided and they were having a blast.

Have you checked out my most favourite image?  Yeah, no directing!  They had it all planned out and I was like, did that just happen?  I loved it!

Cannot wait to watch these two get married this Sept on her family farm.  It’s going to be a blast.




and for Jay…



  • Love these, Kerri! Just stunning!

  • Beautiful engagement session! Love it!

  • Beautiful work, excellent work capturing their connection and emotion!

  • What a connection these two share! Just beautiful. You gave a nice variety of backgrounds. Very natural posing and lighting. Well done.

  • These are so fun! Love the variety you captured – and that wide angle shot in the field is amazing!

  • very lovely engagement session! good job!

  • Love these locations! Really great photos.

  • Love the com pay store! Beautiful work :)

  • Love these, looks like such a fun session!

  • Gorgeous! Stunning locations and I am in love with her ring!

  • I love the one with all of the trees in the background. So lovely!

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