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March is Here…. – Durham Region Family Photographer

Hello March, lovely to see you!   The first day of SPRING is only 17 days away.  I am excited.

This winter has been nice and quiet with lot’s of family time.  We bought some snowmobiles and have been using them as much as we can.  Our girls love it and are always so excited when we go out.  Our youngest, Lauren, falls asleep on it, if you can believe it, so we can’t go out very long with her.  It’s quite funny, but always seems to happen without fail.  You can see some images from our adventures over on my intsagram account.

How did I do for February goals…pretty good!  We played some games together a few times, which was nice.  We have also started watching Little House on the Prarie.  It was a favourite show of mine growing up and now I try and watch an episode or 2 a week with our girls.  They are really enjoying it and I like that there is always a good moral or lesson learned from each episode.  I am not sure what happened to our “new receipe” thursdays.  HA, I had really good intentions, I promise, but I didn’t seem to get something new made each week.  That means, I am moving that goal to Thursday.  I can do that right!

Training for my run is coming along well, some days are better than others for sure.  Only 4 more weeks until race day!  Yes, I am completely nervous and wondering what I have gotten myself into.  I have been having a problem with one of my calfs and a friend mentioned to try a foam roller.  Have you used one for any stretching?  I found some great tutorials online and am going to try and get that going as soon as possible.  I really want to avoid any injury if possible.

This month I have a few goals in mind.  Some professional and some personal, but all benifical ones for me, which is the point of having these goals and putting them out there, to keep me accountable!

  • Reading – Picture Perfect Posing.  I have heard terrific things about this book and I cannot wait until it arrives in the mail.
  • More time being “unplugged” at home and more “plugged in” with my family.  It can be hard, but I really want to try and limit my social media to a few nights a week and after the girls go to bed.
  • Go out to dinner with a friend who I haven’t seen in awhile.

Even though I didn’t get a chance to try a new receipe everything Thursday, the girls and I did bake Ginger Molasses Cookies.  They were so good and super easy to make.  I’ll give you one guess on who was eating more batter than rolling cookies!

Go and make some now, right now!

  • Becky

    These are adorable – Kerri! Love them!

  • I just love these beautiful, true moments you captured. Awesome job!

  • Tonya

    What a fun lifestyle photo shoot!! Nothing like capturing memories as they are made!! Great lighting and composition!!

  • It is almost impossible to believe that spring is a mere 17 days away… as I prepare for yet another snow/ice storm! ugh! These are some beautiful images… perhaps I’ll pick up some ingredients for cookies at the store today!

  • Valentina

    Love all the photos! precious family time!!

  • Kim

    Love your post Kerri – so nice when people share positivity, goals and accomplishments ;)

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