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May 10 on 10 – Oshawa Family Photographer

It is currently 10pm on Thursday May 9th, the eve of your 2nd birthday.  When we wake up tomorrow, you will be 2!  I cannot believe it.  I say it often (we all do), “where has the time gone??” but really, it does seem to go by so fast.  You’re becoming such a little lady.  Following around (normally annoying and bothering) your big sister Olivia, trying so much to be like her.  I adore your kind heart and how you snuggle your babies, wrap them in blankets, sush and sing to them.   I love when we are driving and you point out every bus, flag, bird and plane.  All of them are petty (pretty).    I smile at the sound of the little princess heels you are strutting down the hallway in.  Of course wearing a gown that is much too long, getting frustrated and mad, but determined to come and show me your dress.  You love to dance, you love to sing, you love to paint and colour.  You love to be a part of everything.  Your little mischievous grin and how you look out of the corner of your eye when you have been told no but, continue to do it anyway.  It’s so darn cute, I always turn away to smile and then turn back with my “stern” Mom face.  I am fairly certain you’re on to me!   I can’t get enough of your big brown eyes, or the curls in the back of your hair when you get out of the bath.  You’re such a little comedian and you love to make everyone laugh.  You can be so funny and cheeky at times, it’s easy to forget you are still our little monkey.   But you are still little and I am happy for that.  You’re my precious baby girl and I treasure each and every day I get to love on you and spend with you (even when you make me crazy!).  Happy Birthday my beautiful Lauren Grace.  I love you.



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Kerri Davis is a Family Photographer serving Durham Region and the GTA.   She specializes in relaxed Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photography sessions.  If you are interested in booking a session this summer, please get in touch with her.




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  • Helena

    well done! Love the Bath shots – so genuinely adorable. Happy Birthday Lauren

  • Melissa

    Such a great story about Lauren! What a little angel! Amazing pics Kerri!

  • Happy Birthday! I love how she’s still wearing the amber teething necklace. :)

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