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Spring has arrived…maybe – Oshawa Family Photographer

April 10th – time for 10 on 10:)

Spring was supposed to have arrived a few weeks ago and today it finally felt like it (though there is a winter storm watch in effect as I type this…ugh).  We totally took advantage and spent the majority of our day outside (with no jackets, so awesome!).  We had some fun with sidewalk chalk the girls received from the Easter Bunny.  My oldest, Olivia, is in Junior Kindergarten this year so she was practising her letters.  She’ super proud of herself and so am I.

Getting in her big sister’s way


Playing around with my macro

Now head on over and check out Kelly. Don’t forget to leave her some love:)

  • Super cute!! I hope the winter storm gets out of here quickly. It’s mid-April for goodness sakes!!!

  • Maya

    My love you guys rock!! So miss you and keep it up you constantly inspire me!! Xo

  • These are so incredible cute. Love ALL of them. Going outside with sidewalk chalk/bubbles is now on my to do list!

  • Love the shadows super fun!

  • I love, love, love your macro lens pictures!

  • I am in love with your macro shots! I need one now :-)

  • Nicole at moments

    I am buying chalk tomorrow!!! Love!! The flowers are stunning!

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