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The Wotten Fam Jam – Durham Region Family Photography

This family is pretty freaking adorable.  Jax is just about the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met.  His smile and those dimples, they are killer.  He’s definitely stealing the show in this family for sure.

We met up at their family farm on a gorgeous sunny evening.  Doing what Jax does best, exploring.  We weren’t in one particular spot for long, and that’s okay!  It was fun.  Besides, Mom and Dad (and Grandma) know how to keep him entertained.   When all else fails, a little “Wagon Wheel” playing on Mommy’s phone, and some serious dance moves come out of hiding.  I agree, dancing always puts me in a great mood too!

I can’t wait to meet their newest edition and see what a great big bro, little Jax will be.


In their own words…

Your Perfect Saturday…

“…one that usually doesn’t consist of any plans. We love having a family breakfast (pancakes are Jax’s favourite) We also enjoy spending time outside. Heading to a local zoo, hiking trail or going for a swim are all activities we enjoy. Our Saturday’s usually end with a get together with some friends where the kids can play and we get to sit around a nice fire!”.

What are you most excited about with the new baby coming?

“…seeing the interaction between Jax and his new brother or sister. He has such a big heart and loves to be a helper at home. It will be exciting to see him kiss or hug the baby for the first time, or if he is just as eager to help with the baby as he is with little jobs around the house”.

One thing Jax does that make you laugh

“…Jax loves to tickle both John and I. It’s probably the cutest thing I have ever seen…although I am a little biased. He holds his hand out far enough away from you in what I think is his attempt to tease you that he is coming in to tickle you. Then he says “tickle, tickle, tickle”. Its the times that he does it out of the blue that really makes us giggle”.

Kerri is a family photographer, local to Durham Region.  She loves capturing your family as they are, doing things you love, in places you love.  If this appeals to you and you would like more information on a session, get in touch!


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