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I was really looking forward to my sunset session with Melissa and Aaron.  It was a gorgeous day (unlike the weather lately) and we were headed to Lakeview Park in Oshawa.  It’s a great location for an outdoor session as it has a lot to offer in terms of “locations” in one place.  There is […]

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  • Melissa and Aaron Graham

    Thank you so much Kerri! We had an amazing time and we are so happy with the photos! We braved the wind and the bugs (I think we all ate a few on this day) and you created some beautiful pictures for us that we will treasure forever! We can’t wait to meet “The Ladies” and we know they will love looking at these pictures,when they grow up. Xo Melissa and Aaron

  • Jenny Rocha

    These pics are gorgeous; you guys look stunning.. my fave pic is the feet/shoes I love it

  • Jessie

    Beautiful photos you too. What a perfect evening to capture these images.
    Melissa, you look fantastic.

  • Kathy

    Beautiful touching memories! Such a lovely idea. I wish they had this when I had my babies! Congrats Melissa and Aaron.

  • michelle o'driscoll

    great pictures guys! melissa you look stunning! and your man’s pretty handsome too :P you’re hoing to make an awesome mama! all the best :)

    Kerri, your talent is amazing! I love every single one of those pictures and I love your style of presenting them in a bloggy way! :)

  • Melissa Judson

    These are absolutely beautiful! Melissa: you look so great!

  • Lynne Dietrich

    OMG Missy, you look so much like your mom in these photos. Very lovely pics. Kudos to the photographer. It also took me back seeing the setting, haven’t been to the park in Oshawa in years but we used to spend a lot of time there.

  • Uncle Mike

    Hmmm. Toto. I don’t think you’re in Kansas anymore. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a maternity photo shoot. But now that I do and now that I have seen how beautiful it can be, I can’t wait until we are pregnant.

  • Grace

    Beautiful photos! What an exciting and wonderful time of anticipation for you both! Kerri has captured images you will treasure for a lifetime. Love the ‘befores’ and can’t wait to see the ‘afters’.

  • Papa.

    Missy, you are making your Papa and Grandma very proud. you will be wonderful parents.

  • Kerri- you have worked your talent to the fullest once again! My grand-daughters will be proud to show all these pics to everyone.I can hardly wait to see what you do when they arrive!

  • Amy

    You can see the love between you two and that will be the best gift you can give your children.
    Sending you lots of love from here. You look amazing Melissa.

    Amy, Jasmine, Natalie, Dallas, Rand and Sofia

  • What an incredible session. Love the creativity, location and the amazing light you utilized so well! Beautiful work!

  • Gorgeous! Love the emotional excitement you have captured here!

  • Wow yes she does look amazing! These photos were so beautiful!

  • Love these images! Great job!

  • Twins! She looks amazing for carrying two! You did an amazing job on this session!

  • Beautiful images, I love your perspective too!

  • Twins! Ohmigosh she looks fabulous! Love it!

  • ted warren

    Knew Missy when she was just a wee lass from my college days. Have not seen her in years but know I know that she has matured into a beautiful young lady. Way to go Missy

  • So cute! She must be so excited about the twins!!

  • Lisa B

    Gorgeous mommy-to-be and happy papa-to-be. Looking good, Melissa and Aaron!

  • TWINS!! How exciting! This is such a sweet session. I love the shots on the beach.

  • I love the soft focus image and the image on the swings! That is great perspective!

In February, I said goodbye to -25C weather and flew to Austin, TX to participate in my first photography workshop ever. I had done my research and knew that the Pinkletoes Photography Lifestyle photography workshop was an investment I needed to make in myself and my business. It was beyond any expectations I had going in. […]

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  • These are awesome! Love them!!!

My beautiful childhood friend, her husband and their pup. The makings for a fabulous maternity session. Top it off with a great location, beautiful sunshine and a nice chill in the air, it doesn’t get much better.   Check out my favourite image from our session here Enjoy,

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  • Cathy Frew


  • Lisa Bucholz-Napper


  • Teressa Dinshaw


  • Jennifer

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love these images?!?! I am so grateful to you for continually capturing such an amazing time in our lives!! Xoxo